05 May




Teens are our future. I met this really cool 17 year-old (I think he was 17) this weekend while visiting my summer house in upstate NY. I was waiting at the ShopRite deli section when he came to me, with hairnet, apron, and all, and asked me nervously, “H-hi, what can I get for ya?” He was tall and thin, and looked Latin American. I said, “Half a pound of the penne a la vodka, and vegetable salad, please.” He scooped up my orders awkwardly, as if this was his first time on the job. He weighed them, and said, “They’re a little over. Is that okay?” I smiled, and said, “That’s fine,” and the boy gave me my orders. I left him with, “Thanks, and have a great day.” He stammered back, “A-and you too! Have a great day. Have a great weekend!”

Where will this nice boy be in 10 years? In the oval office? Or maybe rockin’ in Madison Square Garden? That 17 year-old was so eager to please. Awesome youths like him are what powers this society, and we should nurture them for the future.

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Written by vhwang

H. W. Vivian (1988-Present) was born Vivian Hwang in Flushing, New York, to a Taiwanese immigrant family, and grew up in her hometown. At a young age, she showed great interest toward the arts, studying piano, violin, and percussions, while drawing and painting on her own time. Her parents' divorce when she was eight years old took a big toll on her personal life, but she sreacted by burying herself in her artistic endeavors. At fourteen, she joined the Bayside High School music program. Afterward, she enrolled in the Art Institute of New York City's culinary arts and restaurant management program. After graduation, she returned to traditional college, enrolling in Baruch College-CUNY's Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Finance and Investments, and minoring in Theater. During this time, H. W. Vivian conceived the idea for her first novel, Chasers, but wouldn't publish it until many years afterward, in March 2014. Her second novel, Days of Amber, which is written under her pen name, Alex Chu, is currently available in the Amazon Kindle store, and will also be on sale in print in August 2014.