Alex Chu

Alex Chu is the author of  Days of Amber and Monarchs, and is also the pseudonym of H. W. Vivian.

Days of Amber Lulu cover

Days of Amber

Winner of IndieReader’s 2015 Best Humor Novel

IndieReader – “… a hilarious send up of executive pretentiousness and corporate greed. Each character is perfectly meshed into the story and the action progresses smartly to its conclusion. It is sometimes difficult to find humor on Wall Street… but Chu seems to have done so.”

Midwest Book Review – “Characters are realistic and well-developed… those who seek something light, refreshing, and truly different will find it… a fun leisure read that offers up some unexpected twists and turns in the course of an IPO pursuit.”

Amber and Associates is the most successful software company in the industry’s history, which is surprising since all of its employees are aloof, lazy, and downright dysfunctional. When they’re not obsessing over their next smoothie fix, or walking around the office half-naked, they’re doing everything in their power to avoid working. As they approach their long awaited Ipo date, hackers start breaching the company’s system and messing around with Amber’s clients. Still, nobody seems to care. It’s not until the senior risk analyst leaves the company on a drunken tirade when everyone realizes the consequences of their idleness. Now, Amber’s team of frivolous and inexperienced executives is left with the greatest challenge of their careers; actually getting work done in order to save the company.



It all started with an email, then a meeting at the pub, and then a bottle of hydrogen cyanide. Suddenly, disgruntled customer service rep Logan Weidman found himself initiated into the mysterious Ring of Monarchs, where wealth and status are guaranteed, and everything always works out for its members – even getting away with murder. When the Monarchs start demanding favors from Logan, he realizes that their idea of success is very different from his own, and there will be no easy escape from their midst.